HIVELOCITY- 25% off Instant Deploy Dedicated Servers in NYC, Tampa, LA, Atlanta

HostBallers…how are you? I hope well. If you are not familiar with Hivelocity feel free to DM me. You can see my pic at Our Team | Industry Vets with Decades of Experience | Hivelocity if you want to see my face. I am the good looking one. The staff at Hivelocity is available via live chat from our home page 24/7/365 if you would prefer to talk to them.

Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, cloud hosting and colocation to customers in over 130 countries since 2002 out of our data centers in Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles and most recently New York City. You can see live video from our Tampa data centers here- Data Center Live Cam | See Where Your Servers Live | Hivelocity. We are working on getting similar streams up in Atlanta, LA and NYC. Give us a month or so on that. We are working on some pretty huge stuff right now and cameras are not on the radar.

For you Ballers on a strict budget we have our Server Outlet. This is like getting into the best club in town, dancing with all the hottest chicks and getting all the same perks without anyone knowing you rolled up in a 2005 Saturn. For those of you who want to roll up to the best club in town in style we have the following great Instantly Deployed Bare-Metal Servers.