Goal Achieved! Party time!


Heya everyone! How you all doing?!

Recently we achieved one of the highest goals i could wish so far! We are officially NUMBER 1 DIGITAL AGENCY in my country! That means alot to me as i’ve worked for this and i wish to extend even further!!

We are currently using rented servers/hosting and we do not own any servers yet, but within a few years i wish to launch the biggest datacenter in my country! Still, needs more time and money saving but if we continue like this, i absolutely promise you that is going to happen!

Alimemaj is not the only brand i own. I own multiple brands that offer the same services so no matter what you choose for such services, you’ll become one of my clients no matter what.[HAH! :D]. I wish to “own” [evil laugh] the entire country and become the only choice for digital services/hosting within my country.

I am filled up with work at the moment, yet i still wanted to make such a post and didn’t think of any better place to post about it. <3



Congrats, that’s quite an achievement! Keep up the great work :slight_smile:


Keep working hard friend, don’t stop short of your dream :slight_smile:


Congratulations @armandorg. Keep pushing further.


Great news! Keep going!!! :beers:


Awesome news!!!
Congrats fellow baller. :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Keep striving forward.



Well done @armandorg
Congratulations from latam :wink:


Thank god Discourse blocks images larger than 4 MB — I recently forgot that I was tethered to my phone (from my MacBook) and burned through most of my data :[

#giflivesmatter but…
#mywalletmatters too


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That sounds really cool, congrats!