Free VPS Testers Needed

Hi all,

I’m here to ask for some individuals to test out a potential new product I may be offering very soon. If you’re interested, simply submit a ticket and I’ll get you sorted. I’ll only be taking a small amount in the beginning and it’ll open up to a larger pool in a few days.

What do you get?
1 GB Ram
15 GB Disk
1 vCore
1 IP
Located in Ogden, Utah

You’ll have at least ~2weeks access to the server to help with testing panel/performance/etc.

Only thing we’d like in return is feedback, whether it’s good or bad, doesn’t matter. Anything helps!

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2 weeks is enough for an open relay, tor node, a litte pentesting and my temp hedgefund offer.

On a serious n̶o̶d̶e̶ note, is it ipv4 or ipv6 ?

2 weeks is not inspiring enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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In two weeks we will be two weeks before BF :grinning:


You’ll get blazing fast speed to the government storage facilities, too!


IPv4 v6 will be there too at some point soon though.

Sorry about that! It may be longer, just depends :wink: I’ll probably throw something extra to those who test and want to keep it after the period if all goes well.

Now that’s inspiring!

How much will be the bandwidth allotted? I might spin up a small environment for a very small almost static website.

How the hell do magnets work?

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sudo ufw deny from balls

I gotta start learning to hit the right reply buttooon



I might have capacity to do some VPS test driving from second week of November, if that’s interesting, @Joshua
(Sorry guys, for “derailing” back on OP’s topic :rofl:)

Need some more people. If anyone else is interested you can sign up here. >>>
You’ll have access for at least 2 weeks. At the end of the beta term you are welcome to keep/renew it or simply cancel it. Obviously nothing illegal on it. Feedback is appreciated. Let me know if you have questions!


no centos??!?!

Not on the order form right now but more options available once it’s set up. :slightly_smiling_face: Also if there isn’t an option available, let me know and I’ll add it.

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Looks like you can attach ISO, so I guess installing it would work anyhow … :slight_smile:

How’s the testing going ?

Benchmarks ?