Free Linux VPS is required

I’m a kid in the mountains, climbing mountains and crossing seas to get help. Where can I apply for free Linux VPS to use alone? The wall blocked my view and wanted to see the outside world

With free VPN language, no Google translation, no credit card, online help, etc.

Neoon may have something for you

High end, go in for a long time, do not understand what to do, thank you.:joy:

I can set you up with a free Linux vps to play with as long as you don’t do anything silly.

It comes with no support or no guarantees whatsoever but it is free and will help you out. PM me if you’re interested.


Normal use, don’t do anything else, thank you

can you help me? Online, etc.

My email
[email protected]:persevere:

Details PM’d to you, enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you for the big meal.:smiley:


You’re welcome, I definitely am willing to help bypass stupid government firewalls. The internet wasn’t designed for that.

That’s actually poetic