File sharing through browser


I wanted something I could install on VPS where

  • I would need to login to upload a file: nothing complicated, simple login then you can upload whatever; this needs to be accessible through a public URL
  • once the file is uploaded, it needs to be able to provide links that can be shared with others; for downloading, no login should be required. Anyone with the link should be able to download. It should be simple to download.

Please suggest a simple solution. I have tried NextCloud in the past but I frequently run into problems with it, so I would prefer a simpler solution.

Filebrowser would be my recommendation. I use it fairly often and haven’t really had any issues with it

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I thought about ShareX which I think allows uploading it files as well as screenshots etc.

You can host the backend on your own server, then use their application to drag/drop and generate links.

If you want something really simple I’ve used Jirafeau in the past Jérôme Jutteau / Jirafeau · GitLab

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Yeah that’s what I’m using here: