Favorite Hosting Provider Nominations!

Hey friends!

You might think I’m crazy, given how young HB is, but I assure you that I’m not. I’d like to get nominations from you guys for your favorite hosting provider, to put together a poll. If you’re wondering how a poll of 49 users (2 of which are me… test account, and pretty sure one is a bot) will equal out to anything special, well that’s where it gets interesting. We’ll be inviting people from all over to participate. Ad space, all that good stuff.

So I’d like to hear from you, who should be nominated for the favorite hosting provider poll? Feel free to nominate as many as you like, even yourself. Note that “hosting provider” is intentionally broad. Shared, VPS, dedi, SaaS, whatever floats your boat.

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As i mainly only purchase Australian Hosting… My list is quite limited, but heres a list.

  1. BuyVM.net
  2. RansomIT.com.au
  3. FlowVPS.com
  4. MXRoute.com (Suck up i know)
  5. Dediserve.com
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BuyVM, Anynode.net, EZP.net, Ramnode, BandwagonHost, Quadranet, Clouvider, Netcup, VirMach, MXShared (RIP), InceptionHosting

Big boys: OVH, Hetzner, DigitalOcean, DreamHost (DreamCompute/Objects)

_aaS: MXRoute, HetrixTools, UptimeRobot, Runcloud.io

Probably forgetting some, but those come to mind first.


Few of my favs:

  • Database By Design (someone get Scott’s yeti ass on here)
  • Heymman Servers - Francis is extremely professional and provides awesome servers for dirt cheap prices
  • VirMach of course
  • AlphaVPS.bg
  • ImpactVPS - My first run in with resource pools. Everything works without a hitch is all I have to say. Plus Alex is already here, hi @Awmusic12635!

Knew I’d forget one. +1 for ImpactVPS

If only they ever had stock…

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You should prohibit BuyVM as a nomination; if they’re allowed they’ll steamroll everyone else :frowning:

Or this is all just a giant plot to speed up the day that Francisco registers here.

easy, just make an account on buyshared and ticket saying you’re getting a server error when you make a post. if you’re lucky, they’ll create an account to investigate! :wink:

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Harassed him again :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t want to annoy him too much though, trying to get a deal on my next Plex server lol.

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  1. ServerHand
  2. VortexNode
  3. PIOHost
  4. NorthHosts
  5. MXShared

That’s the dream team right there. Forgot VolumeDrive though.


Well, there was only so much room…

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Suppose “is dead” could have been a limitation…

Lol mxshared :stuck_out_tongue:

Virmach, Securedragon, Veesp and DigitalOcean. Want to give Hetzner Cloud a go because it’s cheaper, but worried about the latency, so I’m currently just using DigitalOcean. Used Vultr before, didn’t like their style and support so I just idled the account

i mean DO is kinda on here? jarland?


Thx for the mentions. Side note, finally getting around to soon trialing some KVM (NVMe). Maybe I will make it a public beta.

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On the other forum, people made me realize why some companies opt for silence as opposed to giving that nice, personal, approachable touch. People turn into backseat drivers and assume they know everything, and then devolve it into a case of “well if you had values you’d do it my way even though I don’t know why you did what you did.”

Yeah… I’m not certain I’ll be speaking up much here from that front, not after that trap.

Uhm, just to be clear, I like and use DigitalOcean. I don’t like Vultr

As an employee of one, I like both :stuck_out_tongue: