DNS Made Easy

Are you using them?

Alternatives which are free include Rackspace.

Who do you use and why?

A mix of Cloudflare, Amazon Route53 and CloudNS.net. For free DNS I don’t think you can do better than Cloudflare.

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For free service https://dns.he.net/ is pretty okay too. But I mostly use cloudflare, never once had an issue I think.

Till this year I’ve been using a lifetime account I have with DynDNS which isnt the nicest of interfaces, and the nameservers are very slow (150ms) according to http://www.solvedns.com/dnsspeedtest/

As an experiment I’ve set up one domain with Cloudfare which seems nice, and set up another with self hosted NSD/dns.he.net (my nameserver as master, pushing to he.net slaves).

Will swap my main domain from DynDNS to one of those options in the next week or two.

I’m partial to Cloudflare. We use them for DNS only for a whole bunch of different services.

I know Cloudflare’s CEO is a bit controversial, but his Twitter is full of some gems sometimes. I like this one:


I need to follow that guy.

Oh wow, thats amusingly blunt.

$29.95 for the cheapest plan? Hell no. With my 100 inquiries, from which 90 are being mine I’ll better be sticking to Cloudflare.

@MrPsycho It’s per year. I was with them for a couple years, they are pretty good but if you only need some a records cloudflare makes much more sense.

If you need georouting and more advances feature they’re a good choice.

Burn, baby, burn!! Apply some Aloe Vera to that one.