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Guys what’s your desktop OS of choice? I’ve not much sympathy for most of them.

Let’s say I find w10 extremely bloated ( same goes for w8) and w7 obsolete. The best Linux distro I’ve tried was Xubuntu but it didn’t fit as a daily driver. Had my first experience with my mini since a year or so ago and it felt odd at first but I’m getting used to it. What caught my attention was that yesterday the mini ( 2012 i7 w 16gb and a 860 Ssd) ran out of memory and for 5 mins it behaved as if it was something I could have expected from a win thing. I was not killing the poor mini but what caught my attention was a kernel process ( me ignat…) eating 9gb which then decided to vanish. After waiting a bit and killing Firefox ( was not even using Franz just some sublime and vs code) it came back I think termius was running too. I’ll blur a bit the pic in a bit but the message clearly state an oom.

Someone suggested me to try manjaro, an apple fan boy ( apple employee / very good friend of mine) mentioned me some rebates they have access too but at the same time he told me he was about to buod a hackintosh.

Sorry if it’s annoying to tag you guys but so. Even if you do have some Mac experience and some hackintosh.
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My apple friend told me to start by ditching Firefox in favor of Safari.

I used to mess around with Hackintosh when I was younger, not so much anymore as I don’t have much of a need for Mac OSX. My daily driver on all of my PCs is Windows 10, though if I need to use a Linux desktop environment then I use Debian with GNOME, Pantheon or Xfce (rarely).

Regarding browsers, I would always recommend FireFox over Safari.


Currently I’m running Arch Linux on all but one of my machines with xfce desktop environment and it’s been working nicely. Manjaro is based on Arch, so it would likely be pretty similar except you have an installer to use. If you want to the Linux route, you can give manjaro cinnamon or manjaro xfce4 a go in live environment to see if they fit your needs.

Linux Mint is also nice, but not my cup of tea. I’ve heard some people talk about Win10 LTSC, as apparently it has a bit less bloat. Never tried it though, so can’t give my opinion on it.


Windows LTSB is a lot of fun to mess around with. I installed it on my old laptop and a friend’s laptop. Definitely makes a substantial difference, at the cost of a few Windows services. The only real kicker I found was the lack of Xbox support, though I believe this may have been resolvable.

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Never safari on mac, except for netflix as it will run in 1080p unlike firefox/chrome where it runs 720p. (Check Netflix Features)

I tend to use Chrome when on my MacbookAir. It seems to run better than Firefox.

I dual boot Windows 10 and Manjaro with KDE on my desktop. Main browser is Firefox

Laptops are Deepin Linux, Windows 10, and Latest OSX


Windows 10. Desktop and Laptop.
I know there’s some genuine hate for Windows and some is warranted but I still think it’s the best OS around. Pronbably because there everything for Windows. Kinda opposite of what happened with Windows Mobile where the lack of aps made it unnatractive… fun fact, Office for the iPhone worked better than for Windows Mobile…


Lovely since the last time I played was w Command and Conquer.

I’m not anti win. Let’s say I am used to win7 which is ok but not as smooth in some things as OSX . Just trying gather some feedback ( without it being some kind nonsense “war”) .

Let’s say hardware in Argentina is not exactly cheap ( and yes Mac is like oh boy you are rich ( I am not joking ) ).

I think macs are over prices all over the world. Personally, I had a bad experience with all the mac devices I ever owned with the exception of the old version of ipods.

Edit: I think being overprices is actually part of their marketing strategy.

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Yes they are pricey but let’s say that in some cases their expense can be justified (I’m not there yet).
The mini setup I like is 4k and no I don’t have that money and I’d if I had it I would not buy it at that price.

Debian with GNOME. It uses a bit more resources but I have found it to be more stable than others. FF and Chrome browsers.


I can throw in plenty of resources if the os and ui makes me tasks be done with less hassle.

My desktop daily driver is Hackintosh Sierra. On my laptop I use Fedora 27.

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Hardware specs of the hack?

i5-4590, 16GB DDR3, old 120GB Crucial SSD, GTX980.

My motherboard died a week ago though, so I’m changing to i3-8350k and DDR4 instead.

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Right now Ubuntu Budgie. I prefer Arch right now but recent kernels and my video card are experiencing major undocumented issues that I can’t track down or fix, so I’ve pulled back from bleeding edge.

Mac > Hackintosh. Just buy it if you want it, it’s a great OS that runs best in its intended environment.

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I wish I could get my hands on the new Windows 10 LTSC 2019 N.

I’ve been using LTSB 2016 for the last 2 years now, and I couldn’t be any happier. It just starts to get a bit outdated on features lately.

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Yeah, that’s the main reason I stopped using LTSB on my old laptop. Wasn’t actually aware that LTSC was a thing and assumed that it was just a typo earlier on in the thread. I’m sure you can find LTSC online somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to have the original ISO in my own language. Looks like I will have to play around with Windows 10 Professional and try to get the same experience as LTSC would provide.

I will wait a few more weeks…

I’ve found one with your language :stuck_out_tongue: