CWP Control Panel | 20% Off for 2 Months

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Migrating from another control panel to CWP? Get a 20% off on all paid subscriptions for support and CWPpro license, for the first 2 months.
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CWP is a modern web hosting control panel that focuses on security and speed.
We have made a lot of improvements to the Panel to make it superior.

Martin Bhuong
Business Development
Control Web Panel.


Quick question about CWP, your changelog hasn’t been updated since 09/12/2018. Has the panel not been updated or changed since?


Is there a branding change happening from CentOS Web Panel → Control Web Panel?

I’m not much of a CentOS fan, so if this means Debian support on the horizon… I’m game. lol. $12/yr is totally reasonable for the pro add-on.

the demo currently have no ssl setup, as they are reset all the time. a new one will be setup soon with active ssl.

yes there is.

you never know…

yes with many more functionalities.

Also, reseller is coming this week.

A Lot has been happening, and in fact we have been releasing some update on weekly basis, with feature additions every month.
There is a new website currently been deployed.

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I’m interested to know more about the managed services.
The Business package looks like you would setup, monitor and fully manage the server, but then there’s no real detail on how fast you guys are apart from “4 stars” for speed…
then there’s also this

Managed service covers issues resolvable in a short period of time; issues requiring a longer amount of time will be done in special projects…

Do elaborate, please.

Did you go through a code review by experts or security firms? Not trying to be rude, but looking at the thread on LET, your control panel doesn’t look like it is buisiness ready

Thanks for posting! Your panel has grown up a lot since I first saw it, and I definitely watch with interest.

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SecNinja was invited to tell us where the problems were. All those issues he raised were fixed within 12 Hours after he brought them to our attention. Since then, we have implemented over 50 changes to multiple things in order to strengthen security, and SecNinja has been invited many time tos audit and review CWP. so far since then he has not been able to find any other vulnerability.

We work with many security experts who test and review our software for any kind of issues, and if found, we take the highest priority.

Our release cycle is the shortest of any control panel out there.

Just the other day, there was a security issue that affected all cpanel servers. We were not affected as we had seen and fixed the issue even before it came to the public.


@404error I assure you, even for the none priority tickets we are typically very fast.

Our repose times usually give or take below 1 hour. For the high priority plans, usually 5- 10 minutes.

As for the clarifications, there is a new website coming up probably today, a lot of those issues have been aligned and are now much more clear.

overall, handling a standard support issue should take very short a time, but working on very complex installations, would obviously take some longer if you now understand what i mean.

Thank you for your sentiments. we will be happy to have you onboard.

Also note that the latest version on our control panel is
even despite being advanced that most panels. its because there are key and crucial features, which no other panel even currently has that we need to finish adding before we can have a version 1


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