Custom SpamAssassin Filter - Updated Regularly

If you have a reasonably full cPanel server, I highly recommend that you download this to /etc/mail/spamassassin on a regular basis (I do it hourly):

I’ve been majorly stepping up my game on inbound filters, and the work will continually be displayed in this one file. I just wanted to share the wealth.


Thanks for sharing.

You might want to consider whitelisting Steam (the game store) as well, I know I had delivery problems with it and Spamassassin before.

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Good thought. Done :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing!

Like I mentioned on MXRoute Slack, I still think a score of 2 for HEADER_FROM_DIFFERENT_DOMAINS is too high, given anyone sending from G Suite / Google Apps with a secondary domain will hit that (since G Suite always uses the primary domain in the envelope sender) :slight_smile:


Will keep an eye out for reports :slight_smile:

A 2 is fairly low for my use, as I don’t reject until 10. I expect some rules to trigger when they’re not warranted, and only the combination of several variables (unless a very specific rule that is well defined and worth rejecting on that basis alone) to cause a rejection.

I made few embarrassing videos of you


I’ll send them all the self love videos they want if they’ll stop.

May the lord grant you with infinite wishes for this.


Just a quick one, any reason you haven’t whitelisted Microsoft or Amazon when Facebook (:nauseated_face:) made the cut not once, but twice?

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I guess they just never came up in that capacity. It was generally used as a way to offset when a single legit sender would trigger a series of rules that were otherwise super effective at fighting spam. I’ll never know why twice though lol

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@Daniel did it to appease his robot overlord.