cPanel Reseller Limits

I hope someone can clarify me this:

I want to create a reseller user. The standard user already exists and it has a package with a limit of 5GB.

I want him to be able to create up to 10 cPanel accounts, the sum of all his accounts must not exceed 5GB of space.

I’m in the screen “Edit reseller nameservers and privileges”:

Should I tick the second checkbox? Or that is to prevent him to create a single account with 3GB if I put the limit? I’m confused.

It seems no one has responded yet, so let me clarify it for you:

Tick the highlighted checkbox, scroll down and enable overselling. This will allow the user to create as many accounts up to the limit of 10 or until they reach their resource limit of 5GB.

The highlighted option enables quotas for bandwidth, disk space, etc for a reseller. You should, however enable overselling to allow the reseller to create accounts until the resource limit is reached.


Was about to do the same! :smiley:

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