cPanel Acquired...By the Same Company That Owns Plesk

Just when I thought the world couldn’t get crazier- Oakley Capital to Invest in cPanel; Acquisition will accelerate the next phase of product development for cPanel | cPanel Newsroom

They’re taking over the world, man

Also is the same company that owns SolusVM

My guesses:

  1. Huge plans they couldn’t accomplish without more financial backing.
  2. Seeing down the road to failure and cashing out first.
  3. Looking ahead to retirement and a path out of the business.

Gotta harden that monopoly :money_mouth_face:

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I was going to post this but kept putting it off. Its crazy, I don’t see good things coming of this.

They are keeping their CEO though

Is deank here?


Would you say that the end may potentially be nigh?


Something along those lines.

The end as you know is coming soon near you.

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Collect $200, Pass GO.

I think for Nick, the CEO, option 3 is the likely scenario. My assumption is he was wealthy before the sale and very wealthy after it. As far as the future of cPanel goes, I am sure it will continue on and likely remain a separate product from Plesk. Integrating them would not make a whole lot of sense in my mind. With that said, if we will continue to get the same level of service and effort from the new owners…time will tell. Historically, when you are purchased by a company with “Investment Group” in your name the priority becomes how to maximize the return on investment. Lets hope Oakley’s strategy is to maximize their investment by making the product better and not by cutting expenses while raising prices.


We did not hope hard enough apparently.


I think everyone expected a price increase was coming after the sale. Prices had remained static for a long time.

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