Concerns Considering Blade Server Rental and Individual IPs?

Hello, I already talked to a provider who offering this however I am still on the fence about these deployments in general.

Firstly how dependable ARE blade servers over “normal” 1u/2u servers? These guys DO offer redundant PSUs from redundant feeds. Which by the “cover” seems to put the “standard” server in the waste side. However I heard that micro clouds and single backplane based “redundant” PSU act so quirky? (CPUs being under clocked while a PSU being replaced on the microclouds and single back plane servers being more faulty than a “standard” server even though the PSU themselves being redundant). I am concerned that blades can “carries” the similar issues?

Then these guys seems to be issue IPv4s individually instead of say giving you a /30 or a /29 to yourself. I inquired about “noises” of “sharing” a subnet and they said that because they use mac filtering that those “noises” won’t exists. I am concerned about this since ReliableSite.Net pulled this off as well and WHT complaints started to crop up about their “new” network for the exact reasons that they are getting resource waste having to deal with everyone elses IPv4s’ “noises”.

Are these things to be concerned about renting? Or should I be “fine” to rent one of these relative to standard offerings?

Blades are usually fine, and while decades on, they become less reliable, I haven’t found a host yet who won’t move your drives when the node dies.

If you’re still this concerned about hardware, the only suggestion I would have for you is to buy your own and co-locate it.

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I see, thank you for your continued support in my concerns. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can now understand that blades shouldn’t be any “worst” than a “standard” dedicated server provided the provider will move your drives as needed.

Now just about the individual IPv4 thing. As I am not sure if the deployment of individual IPv4s is typically a “issue” or was it just likely isolated to that particular provider itself.

This shouldn’t be a big deal unless you want to rent a few /24s. If the boxes are being vended as /32s, that does create a bit of overhead, but for management purposes, it’s a lot easier- if someone decides to DDoS it, then it’s a lot easier to deal with since they may hit the whole subnet, and most of it isn’t you.

Be aware that anything that isn’t SuperMicro and is a decade old may need ancient Java AND IE to work.

Just rent a cheap box and play around with it. Be aware that the cheapest ones won’t have IPMI or remote hands access- it’s a great way to (re)builld things and to get used to handling them out of band.

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