Colocation in NL: Serverius or Worldstream

I have a server at a data center in Amsterdam which I need to move to a different colocation provider.
I have narrowed the choices to two candidates, but would like some feedback and any prior experiences to gauge which is the better choice.

Can anyone help me?

Probably not without you telling us about your priorities.

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Priorities? It is plugged into the internet and works. What else is there to know?

I am looking for feedback on these two providers to be able to judge if one is going to be a better fit - meaning more reliable.

If there is a specific question, ask it. But my priority is as said - it is plugged in and works.

Priorities as in “best connectivity”, “good inner-Europe connectivity”, “good cross Atlantic connectivity”, “cheap hands”, “hands with expertise”,“can have my own AS”, etc, etc.

If there is a specific question, ask it.

You want answers and probably not mindless ones, so it’s your job to tell us, what you want/need, not ours to somehow find out what you are looking for.

it is plugged in and works.

is true for pretty much any provider. If that really is all you need, just roll a dice.

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Serverius :slight_smile:

I am sorry but I actually thought I did that in my OP.

and in my previous reply to you.

Thanks! But WHY Serverius over Worldstream? Did you have an awesome experience with them? Or a bad experience with Worldstream?

If you are saying that you’d choose Serverius, WHY would you choose Serverius?

Easy one… Worldstream.

Yeah I’ve had good experiences with Serverius, both directly and via reseller / providers with space there. I’ve also had great experiences with WorldStream but only on the dedicated server side, and I can’t imagine them being that flexible when it comes to colocation.

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Why? :slight_smile:

This is very helpful. Our beloved forum owner has a dedi there and reccommends WS wholeheartedly, but yes … sometimes the step kids are treated differently than the kids. Is there some reason you’d think that they’d not be quite as flexible with colo clients?

Little bit of bias because my experience with them re: dedis is that they offer more turn key solutions and aren’t too flexible with what they can offer.

Serverius will work with you to quote you exactly what you need, but I suppose it also depends what you’re looking for, as it can be hard to find any place that gives a lot of thought to 1U customers.

If you are just looking to rack a single server and have some presence, either of these providers will be excellent, although my recommendation is to find an independent provider with space in Serverius Dronten (Zenex5ive as example) because I know that Serverius offer some crazy deals and work really well with smaller companies so that you can resell space to your customers with ease.

You can also take a look at They offer colocation services out of Iron Mountain AMS1 datacenter.
We have been using them for 2 years with no downtime. We have been with another provider using Severius in the past, several network downtimes during that time. Support was slow too.

You won’t be disappointed :