Cold Email Outreach Service

We’ve developed a niche website and we are now going to be offering this to the relevant businesses.

Our database has few laser-focused company emails with the names of decision makers, when possible.

What email service do you guys recommend for sending out our offering?

P.S The cold email outreach template would be more or less the same.

unless I’m missing something here … “cold email” + database = spam

(aka “unsolicited commercial email”)


Ah. In that case I hope OP gets booted from any service very quickly.


Not exactly, it depends on how @tema got his DB, what he is going to be doing before writing the email and how he writes the email.

But the vast majority of cold email is just plain old spam.

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@404error - thanks for that perspective.

I guess these would be some good questions for @tema to answer in order to get the very best hostballer suggestions for the utmost suitable providers for these totally legit cold email outreachungs for their unique and very special niche website …

  1. How was the laser-focused database with names of decision makers (when possible) acquired?
  2. What is @tema going to be doing before writing the email?
  3. How is the email going to be written?

There is a common misunderstanding I’ve noticed, and maybe I can put it into perspective. On mxroute I’ve had to remove several customers for what they call cold outreach. I think if I break it down by it’s actual characteristics it may make sense:

  1. Unsolicited.
  2. For the purpose of marketing ones self or product/service.
  3. Same email (even if changed name in greeting) sent to many people quickly (usually automatically).

This meets all of the qualifications for spam. There is no real difference in function or intent, the only difference is literally how one chooses to refer to it.

With that in mind, options may be limited to someone who specifically exists for this purpose. In all honesty, I would like to block all emails from any company that exists for this purpose.

To add a personal perspective that I hope helps you to make a decision not to do this, I am and have been a decision maker that could potentially bring a lot of business to any company I choose to partner with. I have made a strong point to specifically not do business with anyone who reaches out this way. People like me do not appreciate being bombarded by salesmen regularly following up on their unsolicited email, we go search for products or services when we need them and make decisions based on what you offer, what you charge, and what others say about you.


I think the inclusion of the phrase laser-focused indicates the presence of marketing boo-sheet.

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yah … kudos to @Jarland for that most diplomatic “bless your heart” response, I am impress. (I know, I know, “it’s what we do here”)

As for me, well gosh … How shall I put this?

Sir please do not spam on my leg and tell me that it is raining!


Dear @Solaire @uptime @404error ,

Thanks for your messages. The only “seems to be reliable” service we’ve found so far is - Cold Emails & Follow-Ups , but after @Jarland’s amazing advice, we’ve changed our mind about using ANY services for cold email outreaching and in addition to that, we’ve rethinked our marketing - add value first, make a decision maker warmer, follow up with a phone call.

Contacting from our non-EU, USA, developing country to the target audience’s non-EU, USA developing country, following up process seems to be very expensive, so we have decided to focus on local clients first :slight_smile:

Now back to your questions:

We created a very small Google Sheets document MANUALLY based on info from target audience company websites (email, CEO/Founder name, when it happens to be written there).

As I said, cold emailing outreach thing would never happen after @Jarland’s killer insights, but probably before writing an email, we have to be make sure that we have our niche website 100% relevant to the kind of business we are selling to and that this new website will 1000% change the user experience to the better in the future.

Again, we have already changed our minds thanks to @Jarland, but we wanted to personalize the email as much as possible, indicate our Full Name, Full Address, Phone Number and Email in the signature, plus, giving the email reseiver an option to reply with something like “not interested” and they would never hear from us again. If we used an email service, unsubscribe link would be there instead, I guess.


Great to hear. In my experience the key moment to capture is this one:

  • I’ve identified a problem that I need solved, and I am now searching for a solution.

So to me the best question you can answer for marketing is “How do I end up being the first solution that you find?” I think this is where search engines come into play, and you can capture that moment by not just being a search result, but providing the answer to the problem. Maybe it’s a blog post or a company statement, but something that hits the right keywords and really stands out as “This might be a solution to my problem.”

If you can be that, you’ve mastered something my previous employer (DigitalOcean) is known very well for. Their marketing team is one I’ve always admired, and definitely one to mirror.


okay, good! And while there may be no point in beating a dead horse - and I am somewhat humbled by the graciousness of your thoughtful response - please do get back to whoever tried to sell you on the idea of “cold email outreach” and … ah … educate them as you see fit I guess. :smiley:

“Double opt-in” mailing list / newsletter is already enough of a challenge for most service providers to handle with caution - but I imagine you might find some useful food for thought if you research more in that area.

Looking through my inbox, I see that over the years I’ve “opted in” to receive emails from various websites such as:

And if/when I get tired of seeing them, I set my email filter to automatically mark them as “already read” and just file them away. So I don’t really know or care whether the “unsubscribe” links work, as long as I consented to receive the email in the first place it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. But anything else gets marked as spam (aka “unsolicited commercial email”).