Cloudron Alternatives?

Hey Hostballers, I mean Host… Talkers.

Do you have any recommendations regarding an alternative for Cloudron?

I’ve always been a build-it-yourself kinda guy, as such my experience is limited when it comes to this.

It appears that Runcloud might be a decent alternative?

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Since my human resources is basically free, I do everything with portainer and write docker-compose myself.

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Meaning you are your own HR ?

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As you can see, I am a Pikachu. I order my pet to do the job.

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I think the only decent alternative will be spinning up your own docker containers, which isn’t really a decent alternative at all when compared with having an app store at your fingertips that manages the whole thing for you.


I agree, just how it is advertised With RunCloud, you don’t need to be a Linux expert
People will get lazy and When, not if, there is an issue, their lack of knowledge will bite them in the ass. That’s just this :alien:'s stream-of-consciousness view about it.