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T.L.D.R: This is a thread where we share our shit that we have made. Let it be websites, APIs, bots, pictures, what ever…

I like to create things randomly all the time, and I love showing off my work. Maybe they will be useful to others, and maybe they won’t? I figure we all have some projects like this. Something that spawns out of a hobby, or some random needs at work. Maybe they will benefit us all, or motivate us to put down our cell phones and create something we enjoy.

They can be beautiful, they can be ugly. They can be functional, or half-assed. Let it shit out 503 Errors, and have 404s on some of the links. All that truly matters is that we made something.

Can’t seem to make something, but want to share an Idea… do that to, let’s make that project come to life…

All in all, lets just share what we have made.

So firstly, let me post my IP2ASN. I wanted to make an API for the longest of times that replicates some of the features seen in MaxMind’s ASN database. This spawned out of the fact that I wasn’t fully sure how it worked, and wanted to learn how to make something similar.

The project basically had two parts; the builder, and the API service. To do this, I created two JavaScript apps. The first JavaScript app runs through a list of ASNs and grabs every ASNs list of IPs and name. I then convert the IPs into numerical ranges and shove them into a database. The interesting one was of course IPv6. To handle IPv6 I chopped off the whole client side of the range, and only cared about the first 64 bits. Which I then converted into a numeric using parseInt(ip, 2);. Slapped that lovely data into a MySQL database, and dumped the end results. After running the script for around 5 hours… Bam I have a 32 MB usable lookup database.

The API side was mostly the reverse. To do this I created a script that checks for new versions and automatically imports them hourly. Some JavaScript to reverse everything I have done above. A small detour in callback hell (not really)… and here you go:


So for a fun few day project over the 4th I am really excited, and I hope you will enjoy it!


Not really something I made, but I finally moved all cPanel websites reseller accounts and a VPS to three different DirectAdmin instances. Feels great to finally be done with that! :slight_smile:


Nice, we usually use API but they always return too much data.

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Congrats! How are you liking direct admin over CuntPanel?

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I really like it, to be honest. At first I felt kind of lost, but the more I use it the better it gets. The second revision (less icons than first revision) of the Icon Grid Evolution theme is great too - less clicks to reach where I want compared to the original text menus.

Websites are much faster than on the cPanel server I ran on the same spec VPS.

Some documents/guides on the DA forum is too old, but the second and third server I installed went really quick when I new all the steps I needed to have it up and running the way I wanted.

I still think WHM/cPanel is more polished and easier to use, but I don’t use the panel so much when the websites are up and running I guess, so for my use and with the new pricing model DA is a clear winner.


this is a problem I had with WHMCS and blah blah blah

might help someone in need :slight_smile:

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Lets not deviate from the topic and check out my (please don’t make me say its shit XD) - Listing exotic VPS locations/providers around the world.


Welp, I’m quite proud of the way I managed to get KDE to look like :stuck_out_tongue:
Wallpaper here (can’t really find the origin, it’s called “Safe Landing” tho)


Is the dock standard in KDE? If not what is it? :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of moving from W10 to Linux on my laptop and Im struggling to choose which distro and desktop environment to choose - yours looks so clean!

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Might as well just install macOS :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Latte Dock with UltraSleek theme. It’s available in the KDE store, so it should be a breeze on any distro (pun intended, breeze is the default theme in KDE). As for the distro - the choice is pretty easy:

But in seriousness, the rule for first Linux is pretty simple: if you have a friend running Linux choose his distro; if you don’t have any friends choose Ubuntu. If you ever used a Linux based computer and have a little bit of Linux knowledge I can help you with Manjaro (Arch based), however I don’t advise you to start with Arch related Linuxes if you have never used Linux based OSs as the support outside Arch wiki/forums is quite limited. If you want something looking good and clean out of the box you may want to take a look at Deepin, however it’s Chinese based, so I wouldn’t feel confident using it xD


Thanks for the info!

I used Ubuntu 8.04 when it was the latest version for a couple of years before going back to Windows, as I was using it at work and it was just easier. I’d probs go with Ubuntu again as many of the more popular Linux “soft transition” distros are Ubuntu based anyway so I may as well go direct.

Last time I used Linux it was gnome 2 - KDE plasma looks so smart out of the box!

Sorry to go off topic!

That is realllly neat! Have you thought of putting a cost column in place?

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I’m jealoussss!!

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What is this?

Are you talking about the screenshot?

Yes but I could not find a way to quote it

You just highlight the text/post that you want to quote, then a little quote button should popup :slight_smile: I’ve added the quote to your original post for clarity.

The software being used there is ServerStatus. You can See @Mason’s use of it here.

Thank you!

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I like to build Telegram bots for random stuff like

which just posts new offers that appear on their RSS feed

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