(Cheap) Android Apps Worth Buying?

Sup everyone,
so I am looking to buy a few Android Apps for little money (think 1-5€ each). The reason for this is that I get 75€ reward from my new bank account when I use their VISA Card in combination with Google Pay at least 3 times within the next couple weeks. Topping up my Revolut with Google Pay + my VISA with them didn’t work unfortunately (only seems to work with the linked PP acc on Google Pay or when I select Credit Card directly in Revolut which then - however - doesn’t go through Google Pay) so I thought I’d settle with purchasing some (cheap) apps on Android Store using Google Pay that are actually worth it. What is kinda funny is that when I have not been on the lookout I remember I thought about purchasing so many apps, now I just can’t think of any. Any ideas?

What about a look at best selling category ? I would probably upgrade my ssh tools.

Best selling just returns some 5€+ Apps I think I’ll never use. Just bought Runtastic PRO though. Seems like I’ll make use of it soon lol

If you have a mi band, notify and fitness pro absolutely!

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Poweramp, Pushover, Solid file explorer, FolderSync, Tiny Tiny RSS

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Rotation lock pro, nova launcher, and unified remote. :slight_smile: I’ve also bought all the packs for free flow which I love

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Settled on RunTastic Pro, OwnCloud, VR Player Pro, Nova Launcher and Tasker. I am very happy with “Files” for folder navigation and Pulsar as Music Player so skipped Poweramp and other file explorer apps. Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that’s work because usually you have to spend x amount of money before you get y in statement credits.

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Worst case I bought some useful apps :slight_smile:

But I believe it should actually be legit:

Ihren 75 Euro Bonus erhalten Sie, wenn Sie innerhalb der ersten 3 Monate nach Kontoeröffnung mindestens 3 Zahlungen über Apple Pay oder Google Pay mit Ihrer comdirect Visa-Karte (Kreditkarte) tätigen. Den Bonus schreiben wir Ihnen im 4. Monat nach Kontoeröffnung auf Ihrem neuen Girokonto gut. Das Angebot gilt nur für comdirect Neukunden. Neukunde ist, wer in den letzten 6 Monaten vor Kontoeröffnung nicht bereits Kunde der comdirect bank AG war. Wir behalten uns Änderungen oder eine Beendigung des Angebotes jederzeit vor.

Imo Strava + Summit is way better than Runtastic. I’ve been training a lot (running) lately and Strava has been my go-to - especially because it is compatible with Ghostracer (fantastic app)

Edit: all of my friends use it too, helps with the social aspect

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Yeah, sounds good.