Calycom Limited | 100% Offshore hosting

Dear members!

We are pleased to offer you our service for providing VPS and Dedicated servers for a wide range of tasks around the world!
Our sales and customer support specialists are ready to answer any of your questions regarding the services provided.

We allow: Masscan / Scanning, Botnet, Adult / Beastiality content and more!
Our servers are located in the Netherlands & DMCA Ignored*

Take a look at our FAQ for info about what is allowed or not:

Payment methods:
:white_check_mark: BITCOIN (Automatic)
:white_check_mark: ETH (Automatic)
:white_check_mark: XMR (Automatic)
:white_check_mark: LTC (Automatic)
:white_check_mark: Usdt (Automatic)

For orders or requests please contact us at:

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