Black Friday 2018: What do YOU want?



I want 4x credits on Digital Ocean for BF!

Or a special dedicated server from @QuadraNet_Adam in Miami! E3, 32GB RAM, 4 disks, /29…


That smells good


I want some other i7 7700s but this time for 20 e (I’m joking).
If I knew I would get 7700s instead of 6700s id not doubt to cancel some of my sbs but I won’t do that as Arno may get a bit crazy with me again @Hetzner_OL

Thanks for being my one stop shop.
The quality of the service ( I’m not concerned about Uptime or sub 2 mins replies), how flexible you guys are and how you managed to pay attention to what customers wanted.


Well done guys. As jarland said a long while ago each time the invoice comes I feel happy to pay it :slight_smile:


@crotaphiticus Arno might, indeed, get a bit crazy with you for doing that. He’s a really nice guy, but he’s got his limits. :wink: If, for new orders, you prefer the i7 7700s, you can mention this in the comment field at the end of the order process. If we happen to have the avialble, our team may try to accomodate you. But they can’t always do this.

Thanks for the flattering feedback. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We really do love seeing it. --Katie


I get it.
Let’s say I was not trashing servers wirh the intention of abusing those days of trial.
I did explain him nicely what happened and as you describe him ( I asked the team if they locked me out from ordering as I’ve canceled a few of them and… I got an email from him :blush:

After my explanation those Sb s started flowing back again.
Thanks for being nice with all the communities and social media I’ve seen you @ @Hetzner_OL.

And now you made my joke about getting another dedi something I’ll have to think throughout all the day.

Btw I love the finland DC :slight_smile:


Mmmmmm, sent you a DM


What sort of specs would you hope to go with that? I would (probably) drop my online box in a heartbeat for a 20€ i7-7700 box over the 16€ for a lowly Atom c2750 (or whatever it is)


It was a silly joke from me.
Hetzner offered 6700 of bf that ended up being being 7700 for 34.


as i can see no one provider offer renewal domain on BF, but on other side transfer domain promo is available.


I’d be interested in some transfers. Do you happen to know who is providing them?


I want this:

SSD Nodes
120GB NVMe (+50%)
4x Intel Gold vCPU
8TB Transfer
KVM Virtualization
$147.88 for a year ($12.32/month) because I have some credits. Real price is $167.88.

BUT I’M NOT SURE IF IT’S A GOOD IDEA. It’s a lot of money.


Had the same issue, I prefer to pay monthly but the price is like 3x.


They failed the first time. I bought a 32GB version but the server performed so bad, they refund me and also gave some credits, but I’m not sure if the same is going to happen again.


The HostDoc KVM I got is like a smaller version of the SSDNodes deal, it also has NVMe SSD and Intel Xeon Gold.
HostDoc is quite new, and not as reputable as SSDNodes but hopefully won’t go deadpool any time soon. If you’d like a specific benchmark I can run it and send it to you.


SSDNodes looked interesting till I saw the touted prices where when you made a 3 year payment. Not a fan of burying stuff on the order page, rather than be upfront about it.