Black Friday 2018: What do YOU want?


You should join their Slack :wink:


Hmm… I’m on it.
See ya there ina moment.


I meant read through the chat. I believe that it’s the topic has been discussed in the past.


argh… fk…
…That explains the silence to my post hahaha

did a search for reseller since 2011, only result was my own post… :S


3 things that we can combine in 2…

  • @Andrei - A good promotion on Blacklist monitoring
  • A trip to the hot weather!
  • Take a week of vacation… Yes yes, a full week! Without email, outage, etc.



I wouldn’t mind cheaper hetzner auction servers like old times


I’ll see what I can do :+1:


We have a fun surprise in store for our E5v2 boxes :slight_smile:


Announce it 1 hour earlier here at HostBalls :stuck_out_tongue:


If I’m around I’ll try to do it a day early here :+1:


I’ve pm ed you in some forum… Called let


Daddy needs an AMD Mobo/Ryzen combo. (doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as the usual saying)…


Haha, I called it :wink:



Nice! Probably going to swap my EX41-SSD for the EX41S-SSD. Double the RAM, half the SSD storage - perfect for my usage.

I wonder if there’s a way that’ll let me do the swap without the 1-month cancelation requirement or whatever it is.


Yeah, I’ve currently got the equivalent of a EX41-SSD but with a Xeon E3-1271V3 with ECC RAM for about €1 more than the standard price in Helsinki. I’m probably going to swap it with the EX41S-SSD as the i7 is about the same performance-wise, and the extra RAM would probably more beneficial than the extra storage.


I’m in the market for a VPN subscription, do you know if any reputable VPN company is offering BF deals?


My recommendation would be TorGuard. Been using them for over 5 years. Subscription is $30/yr when on sale (pretty much always on sale), includes a good amount of locations, and they have apps for all major OSes (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).


this BF i want cancel a lot small ovz vps and get kvm replacement.

also i want dedicated server with E3 cpu and a lot of storage, and buy many domain as i can buy.


It would be nice to have a good promotion for domain renewal, that would make me spend money on something useful on this Black Friday.


Shit… I keep getting emails with promos I like… I need to resist :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: