Anyone using CRO Software?

Heya guys,

So the LTD addict in me wants to jump in this offer;

BUT, I’m wondering if any of you has any experience with these guys.

Why do you want this? I’m genuinely asking.

It’s for conversions alone?
I mean have seen a lot of posts ( in which I’ve learnt about of things hotjar bc of you).

Btw ever used semrush? Is it any good? ou are all in into mkt obviously right?

Hotjar is awesome, but not under an LTD deal. I’d take an LTD on Hotjar in a heartbeat.
This tool is to make A/B Experiments, something I want to get better at. Cause currently I’m doing it solely by looking at user sessions recordings over time, change stuff, look at analytics + session recordings ad etternum.
And I feel that it’s not the best way to go about it.

Omnicovert promises to somewhat automate part of process AND provide a better insight, but ya know… promises do not equate to delivering. So I’d like to get input from ya guys.

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What’s the limited price? I don’t see any.

149 or 199. 100k vs 200k tested views.

Btw, they actually integrate with hotjar :smiley:


Google Optimize + Analytics would give you the same result :slight_smile:

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So .
You got me banned from the Facebook group that this guys use to share/discuss the deals.

Actually it’s not all your fault, it’s the ballers fault as a grpup…you fuckers.

A few days ago I asked your opinion about Cux, then I went back to that group and shared less enthusiastic opinions and also Yandex alternative and asked for someone to make a comparison. (cux people were there) so that lead to the FB group onwer ( and effectively the guy selling the promo) to post a video about how ok it was to “share our data” with Google and Facebook but not with Yandex cause they are not nice like Google and FB (the guy is Indian, it’s not like he is an American defending is homegrown gigantic tech companies).
So yesterday after reading your post @vovler, I went back to that group and asked one of the guys from omnicovert if they had a comparison sheet of omnicovert vs Google optimize.
A bit earlier I had posted that I was thinking of getting both deals, but was not yet sure as I was not yet clear about the h benefits vs free alternatives. I noted that I didn’t see any difference between offering my data to Google, facebook or Yandex.

So immedialty after that I got booted and I blame you all.
But hey, my GF thank you all.


Using a paid alternative is most likely better if you have the capital to do so. Watched the demo of Cux and Omniconvert, and I must say that Omniconvert is leagues ahead

I don’t really think there is much of an issue of sharing data with Yandex, while Google collects data from Analytics on other websites, Android, Search, Youtube, Gmail, G Maps, OK! Google and can correlate all that data making it so more valuable, Yandex can’t.

No one in the US or E.U uses Yandex or Yandex made apps, they will only get the data of what your visitors did on your website without any way to correlate or even show ads to them.

You mean leagues ahead of Google optinize?
Wanna go in with me? We could get the top deal at $100 each.
Cux also seems nice but they limit the number of views and number projects, the later put me off.

Ahead of Cux. I watched the demo and it looked like shit.
Thanks but no, I’ll stay with the free options

How to you feel Omniconvert stacks against Google optimize?

I am no expert. I have not tried Omniconvert, only watched the demo. I have not tried the new version of Google Optimize.

Omniconvert has a free version, Google Optimize is free. You can test both to see which is better for your needs.

Omniconvert has everything under the same umbrella which is nice. If you use Google Optimize you can pair it with Google Analytics and sacrifice Heatmaps, Recording, … Or go with Yandex Metrica and get those features. Or go with all of them and sacrifice load time.

It all comes down to your preference.