Anyone Have Benchmarks for Hetzner's 480 GB SATA SSD Datacenter Edition Drives?


Bonus if someone can post regular 500 GB drives to compare.

I’d assume its Intel’s DC series, maybe S4500? I don’t have benchmarks unfortunately but in the meantime you could look at benches of those drives

They normally use a couple of models for most disk type.

If you drop them a message they will normally be able to list you the one’s they use, they go through an internal test to make sure they all meet their base line standards.

But with the model info your be able to find plenty of online 3rd party benchmarks for both DC and non DC.


I think they mostly use Samsung SSDs, but I don’t have a lot of experience with their new dedis. We’ve got an old auction E3-1271v3 box with 2x240GB DC SSDs, and they’re Samsung SM843T’s

I have them in production, so I won’t run a benchmark. Here’s some smartctl info anyway

Device Model:     SSDSC2KB480G7R                                                                                                                                                                            
Firmware Version: SCV1DL58                                                                
User Capacity:    480,103,981,056 bytes [480 GB] 

So, it’s Intel.

S4500? Give me my award!


Datacenter edition drives generally handle high IO loads much better - especially if the drives are under constant hammering. They also don’t need to be TRIM’d, which certainly helps in situations where TRIM is not supported (ZFS, hardware RAID).

TL;DR, you’ll see improvements if you’re running a high load database server, ElasticSearch or other highly demanding workloads.
Won’t matter if you’re running something like a webserver, game server etc.

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Awesome. In my case it would be subjected to high levels of read and write operations so it should matter I think.

We’re not giving out benchmarks. Have you thought of testing it out yourself? With our 14 days cancellation policy it’s possible to order the server with the particular drive, test it and cancel it, in case you’re not happy with it.
–Julia, Marketing

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