Any suggestions for personal todo / task management tool?

I have difficulty prioritising too many stuff by using brain now so I think it is better for me to have a more structured list, I used to use a plain txt file but it is still somewhat troublesome.

  • Must be fully self-hosted / self-contained (Can be a native App but network access is restricted)
  • Must be able to set recurring events (eg. check something every day, every 2 days etc)
  • Must Good to be open-sourced
  • Good to have a simple and working UI (preferably Web), but can be pure CLI (like todo.txt cli)
  • Good to have network sync feature, but is fine without it
  • Good to have export feature (Database export is also fine) in case I decided to switch to other tool

Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m using Deck, a Nextcloud plugin. Comes with an app and works great.

I’m also using the OpenTasks app which works with the Nextcloud Task plugin for smaller tasks / reminders.

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