Any Good Providers from Low Income Economies?

I wish to support low income economies from Europe from now on instead of supporting big providers from Europe like Hetzner, OVH, etc.

I would like to support native providers [should be registered in that country] from one of the most low income economies of Europe that aren’t popular and used by most.

For example, Albania, Kosova, Macedonia. I know Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria are also there, but they are popular hosting locations so kindly do not recommend those.

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I’m not well versed on European economies, but if Bulgaria counts then AlphaVPS is a good company. They have VPS/Dedi and coloc. They have their own facilities for Bulgaria it seems.

I only have two VPS instances with them (Germany OVZ/London KVM) but I’m only keeping the London one when it comes to renewal.
Experience is positive, the only issue I had was the inability to upgrade promotional plans at all.


The one I like just resells OVH, so they’re out.

Saving this post for #Brexit.


I found a and from Albania and Kosova respectively, do you think they are good and reliable?

I saw Albahost on LET, but only old posts.

Did you try any of these?


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Because fewer pounds will be sold to investors after the brexit, simple as that.

I don’t follow. But it is okay.

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Was more of a joke, as in

“After Brexit, UK will be a low income economy” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha. Now I understand. No, but would still be much better than Kosova or Albania at least?

Do you think about co-locating to such economies? It could be interesting choice? Macedonia has got DC.

You might find useful?

What about Romania? I’ve heard that is decent for the price.


It doesn’t come in low income economy. Also, even in lowest income economies, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria are most popular and everyone buys them every now and then.

I would like to support Albania, Belarus, Macedonia, Kosova.

There is a weird thing with hosting provers like this region, even though the state is regular, they offer free hosting only for Islamic purposes, it should be for anything non-profit or religious. Why only Islamic purposes? I have nothing against it still the secular nature of the state and hosting is in questioning.

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As per IMF records from 2018, I believe India is a better candidate for low income economy.

I think I should be getting one from India only, unless I am supporting something real low.

If all these “high incomes” are paid with huge debts… a country is poorer than some “low income” countries with low debt.

This is more realistic :

Is US poor country? OMG. :expressionless:

That’s not real debt, that’s magical debt.

For real though, I don’t think what you linked (current account balance) is useful either because a good economy wouldn’t really want any surplus, and that number only signifies trade balances. Germany is considered to have a rather good economy, has one of the best trade favor in the world, and thus a huge surplus… but they actually have a problem with their surplus.

You’re so funny…

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So, overall who do you think is more poor? Moldova or India? Of course India is much rich and powerful. I think it is best I support my own nation only for hosting or some one who is into software who is into software freedom and internet rights or civil liberties.

Life is so complicated for an ethical person who lives by principles.

in india handful of provider run their own DC rest are foreign companies like AWS and DO recently Linode also started offering services

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