Any Good Free Email Hosting?

I have found a good one: from Lativa.

Ads, Spam and Virus free email with yourname@yourdomain free registration is available for up to 3 users (mailboxes) per domain.

20G storage, File storage too.

There is Migadu but it has weird daily limitations. It is just so low even for free.

@Jarland Can you offer 1 or 2G of free hosting for single domain for all? Or is it not feasible only. Sorry if I encroached my limits.

Do you know any other?


IIRC he ( Jarland) had a lifetime offer.

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Yes, he still has one. But it is too expensive and not free. I am asking for a free email hosting for 1G or 2G account for single domain or something if possible.

Not right now at least, still running cpanel.

Thanks for at least considering it. Much appreciated.

What new panel are you moving to?

But why free?

There are basically three possibilities:

  1. Use one of the big free email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. (where, in exchange, you’re the product)
  2. Host your own email
  3. Pay something for email hosting

In the case of option 3, you don’t necessarily need to pay much. For example, most shared (web) hosting includes email hosting as well.

But beyond 1–3, why free?


Free as in freedom and free as in gratis, both seems to be important at some point of time in life for everyone. I understand that you would be product when you don’t pay. But it isn’t always the case for example with company projects like

Yes, I hosted my own MX without any stack, I did it all manually and it worked well and then I dropped it.

A lot of cheap web hosting services out there. But I remember someone prominent saying, most of them do not work as proper MX or else why would people move to proper MX services.

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If you don’t mind using a Russian provider you can get 1000 mailbox free own domain with Yandex

Yeah, I know what free means. My question was rather why free?

If you’re not the product, then somewhere somehow someone would be paying for one’s free email hosting. For day-in day-out dependable email hosting, it would seem worth paying something for such a service.

Alternatively, one could donate, which is what (which you cite) relies on.

I think that there are a number of very affordable shared hosting providers who offer reliable email hosting. Separate email services tend to be directed at people who need more email capacity than a shared hosting provider would be comfortable with.


Why free? Because free is good and one need not pay for everything in the world. I already paid for a domain.tld, and most of the domain registrars offer free mailboxes these days., Migadu offers free accounts without any trouble already. Just wondering what other options are there, if any.

Sure, are you saying these cpanel or directadmin shared hosting services as reliable as a proper MX like @Jarland sir offers us?

Yes, used it long back. I mean regular Yandex email without domain. I loved it. Esp. their scheduled email feature. Also disk was good too. I moved a lot of email providers and finally settled with a small home-hosted software freedom activist from US.

Okay, I see, you just want a high-quality email hosting service that is free and where you’re not the product. I get it (finally).

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Not really. But thanks! I think cpanel or directadmin hosting is the solution to go with. You are gem of a person.

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Of course, I get it! I was just asking you to say why free! But thanks! :slight_smile:

Some shared hosting providers, for example, and, use MailChannels for email, which is well-regarded.

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What is so special about it? If you like to share. has a lifetime deal too. But I would support Albania or Kosova for hosting.

I haven’t use MailChannels myself, but they’re especially known for improving email deliverability. MXroute used to use MailChannels before building their own infrastructure.

I understand the desire to support local businesses, but sometimes this isn’t always feasible or realistic. In any case, you seem to be in a better position to know whether Albania or Kosovo have appropriate shared hosting providers.


Every provider has recurring costs (server hardware, electricity, staffing, etc) so the costs for a free service need to be covered somehow. Some services are ad supported, some also have paid services that subsidize the free users, and some are just people running small services for fun, with no guarantee of support, and all the costs are out of their own pocket (this used to be the case with a lot of free web hosts). Every free service has a cost somewhere :slight_smile:


@angstrom, thank you for your recommendation mate!


If a service is free then you are the product and they monetize from you.
Hosting/email providers with paid products dont need to monetize from your personal emails, navigation history and so on. These simply bill you to cover their infrastruture, support and vendors. MailChannels isnt cheap, but totally worth. Back when I owned I was sending 14M emails per month. Had to sell the brand but recently got a job in MailChannels. Needless to say, I definitely love the product and it does what it promises.

For such storage, our lifetime offer is enough. If you need more we do monthly and yearly services with higher quota allowances. Both MyW and by @Jarland offer a great value for your money. If email is important for you then you should be able to pay it. Its an expense anyone has to take unless they go for the Gmail route and alikes.


why not use zoho 1 usd per month ?

on all free email hosting limitation will be always there

well … as far as I can tell, that may indeed be generally true exactly as stated.

However, do consider an alternate scenario for free service as a charity (or let’s say a “philanthropic endeavor” for the greater good). In which case the user of a free service would still be a “product” of sorts, but not necessarily to be monetized directly as such.

It might be interesting to reframe the “why free?” question from a different angle, and ask:
“why not free?”

(and that’s actually not intended to be an entirely rhetorical question either way…)