Any Feedback On - Lightweight Kubernetes


just interested to know if one used k3s in production and get some feedback?


I have not, but I do run a full kubernetes stack. What specifically are you interested in running?

I want to install a light weight alternative to the typical main k8s stack. The k3s looks promising in terms of minimum hw.req. I just need to test it to realize that i can rely on it in production.

Do you need autoscaling?

Only around Thanksgiving.

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not at this moment.

did you fall in love with linux alpine yet?

I’d say go with docker or docker-cluster.

Big advantage i have seen with kubernetes is just autoscaling up and down the number of pods you have against a cluster.

However, you are adding a single point of failure in regards to the master. Master goes down…everything crawls to a stop.

oky, suppose i want to use docker only , what do you use for container discovery:

  • consul
  • gobetween
  • traefik

what i have is 3 vm’s with different services and want to them to see each other dynamically off course. “container wise”

I may, or may not have converted my nameservers to Alpine. It works great for a tight requirement system where you don’t want to share external IPs- just as much as it enables those docker weirdos to do things.

Nginx Proxy, has Let’s Encrypt Support.

docker-compose has the ability to specify interconnections between pods.

Good Example:

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