Any Cool Monthly Subscription Boxes Out There?

Hey guys,

Been looking for a monthly subscription box for new monthly toys/treats for my pup. Stumbled on this site:

And boy do they have a ton of different subscription boxes to choose from! Was really only familiar with LootCrate before this and it got me wondering if there’s any decent tech/geeky subscription boxes out there that might be worth checking out. Anything noteworthy you’ve seen out there or are subscribed to?

Here’s some that caught my eye:


Formerly Five Four Club, this is the best clothing box I’ve subscribed to:

I eventually cancelled because they sent too many winter related items, where my winter is often as little as 2-4 weeks per year. Regardless, a flat fee for clothes that I enjoyed wearing, that marginally improved my lack of style. That sits well above the other ones that mail you clothes and then charge you high prices for each piece that you keep.

This one I loved dearly:

Every box is a taste of a different country. It’s hard to not eat it all at once.

This one probably changed my life more than I’d like to admit:

I wasn’t raised to be the kind of man that shops for high end products to use in the bathroom. I never thought I was missing out on anything other than overpaying for junk. Ask me how great my hair feels right now, and why I can’t buy shampoo or conditioner locally anymore, and birchbox is my answer.

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I’m not a subscriber, but I’ve heard of Candy Japan - as the name suggests, they send japanese candies every month:


Shit… I wasn’t prepared for monthly sweets/snacks boxes. Now my mouth is watering, my belly is grumbling, and my wallet is currently running away from me.

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Just go to dollar tree.

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Honestly, yeah.

Not really liking the idea of spending ~$25/month for 2 little bags of treats we probably won’t give him and 2 little toys that he may or may not play with. Might just get a bulk pack from someplace and just take a couple out each month.

There are some decent snacks out there for pets, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Those “Canine Carry-Outs” branded treats in a smallish bag aren’t bad. I suggest the chewy sticks, they last longer than 15ms, and help clean their teeth.

Family Dollar has them, and they’re everywhere. Plush kids toys without hard parts make great pet toys- especially since we know they’ll be destroyed, anyhow.

I suggest avoiding any rawhide/etc from dollar stores, though- they come from areas where I wouldn’t want to eat the food, and although “radiation treated” to kill nasties, yeah- not for my dog.


This is the “Just go away and leave me alone” pupper look.


Nice! I’ll check them out. I’ve heard of ‘greenies’, but they’re pretty expensive so maybe this will be a nice alternative.

Yeah. Biggest issue we have right now is that he’s constantly going after my Son’s toys. And I don’t blame him since they both have their toys thrown all over the place in the same room, but it’s a constant struggle of checking to make sure the dog isn’t devouring a prized stuffie or ruining the wooden train tracks for the millionth time.

I stay away from rawhide in general because of all the horror stories I’ve heard of dogs choking on them when their owners weren’t around and suffocating. Not to mention my dog isn’t the brightest so swallowing large pieces is bound to happen eventually, which can’t be good even if he gets them down in the first place.

Such a cute pup! Collie of some sort?

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They’re similar, but don’t have pious writeups and hipster ideals.

A rather big spoiled sheltie.

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Don’t discount basic biscuits.

Check the protein count and makeup, but I’m pretty sure there’s only like 4 major producers of them, and the cheaper ones may have dyes - so I try to avoid those, but again, Family Dollar / Dollar Tree seems to have a decent producer for the house brand. The bag of like 2lbs for $3-$4 is what I keep on hand, and they work great for visiting pets (and possibly children).

Now is a good time to pick up cheap plush rabbit toys!

Save the $20/mo for your VPS addiction.