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STAFF EDIT: Due to recent events revealed by @aryaandas over on LET, the aforementioned host has been permanently banned from Host Balls.

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Hi, I’m posting the offers on behalf of @AlsyconBV. I personally have 3 dedicated servers with them in the past 5 months. You can consider this a testimonial + offer thread.

About Alsycon

Alsycon is a driven company that focuses on service and quality.
Over the years, we have specialized in setting up and serving customized solutions for our business customers.

Their URL:

Their Dedicated Servers -

HostBall exclusive offer

2x Xeon 2630 v2 [6c/12T]
32GB DDR-3 ram
2x 480GB SSD or 2x 2TB S-ATA
HW-RAID 0, 1
1 Gbit/s public internet
20TB traffic
2 IPv4 + /64 IPv6



2x Xeon 2630 v2 [6c/12T]
64GB DDR-3 ram
4x 480GB SSD or 4x 2TB S-ATA
HW-RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
1 Gbit/s public internet
20TB traffic
2 IPv4 + /64 IPv6



@AlsyconBV is one of the most flexible providers I have ever dealt with and they are willing to customize the hardware to your needs.

Feel free to send them a private message or post any queries below and they’ll respond.


@Shu thanks for invite to this community, also thanks for the review :slight_smile:

If any one need more info or just need help, let me know!

Need more ram? +32GB = €10,- monthly

Also we got a lot off IPv4 stock for nice prices:

/27 IPv4 subnet = 32 IPs for € 17.50 per month
/26 IPv4 subnet = 64 IPs for € 32.50 per month
/25 IPv4 subnet = 128 IPs for € 45 per month

Colocation links are dead, anyone know if they actually offer colo?

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Yes we do, but its almost always custom package.

We need to finish the page.

I have added IPv4 looking glass, will add v6 soon.

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Thanks to @aryaandas for flagging this. Due to recent events explained by the aforementioned user over on LET, AlsyconBV has been banned from advertising on HostBalls.

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